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Machine Learning

Deep Learning

TensorFlow with Keras

Reinforcement Learning



AWS Cloud Computing

AWS ML Stack

Cybersecurity Analyst


About Me

Organizations I am associated with:

Young Scientists Community(YSC)

I am the President and AI lead of YSC. It's an initiative by Research Centre for Applied Science&Technology for joining Nepali research-oriented highschoolers.

Genese Cloud Academy

I am a student of AI/ML interestship. The AWS AI/ML Interestship is a 4-month interestship program. You have to dedicate 25+ hours per week during this program.


Fidutam is an LLC that issues custom electronic credit cards that use patent-pending AI technologies through a distributed ledger to develop a safe transaction space.


I am the ambassadar of Butwal, Nepal of deeplearning.ai's Pie and AI event organizing commitee


I designed a new website for Siddhartha Food Processing.
-COVID and Commercial Template in the development phase.
Link to one of my the template that I edited: https://amit076.github.io/Template/home

Cisco Infotech

It was my first job experience during my summer vacation of grade 11(Junior Highschool).
-I designed 2-3 brochures.
-I designed 2-3 logos.
-Some other designing stuff.

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